Thursday, October 16, 2014

Lives of Hamilton Fish (Chowder)

In a special collaboration with the ever-delicious and ever-generous Birdsall House here in Peekskill, NY, HVCCA will present Rachel Mason's "The Lives of Hamilton Fish" paired with a meal of a similar name. Guests will enjoy fish chowder courtesy of March Walker and craft beer courtesy of John Sharp at Birdsall House while viewing Mason's acclaimed "karaoke rock opera". Mason will be performing live with the film and also hosting a Q&A and reception at the museum. 

Join us on October 26th from 5 to 7  for food, film, fine craft beer, and a night full of fun. Tickets are only $20 for members and $25 for nonmembers, and includes beer, chowder, side dishes, and a ticket to the show and reception. 

Prepayment is required so call 914-788-0100 or email for more ticket information.

Hope to see you there! 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Artist Update: Asya Reznikov

We are pleased to announce that Asya Reznikov, a HVCCA artist, has two upcoming projects! Asya joined our Peekskill Artist Club in 2013 during our "Power of Place" Exhibit and showed 5 films in the video room here during Peekskill Project V in February- March 2013. 

 From October 2nd to November 1st Asya is having a solo exhibition entitled “Coming and Going and Sitting Still” at the Digital Media Gallery at Lycoming College. 
On October 5th, Asya will be showing her film “Baggage” ON, not in, The Omni Dallas Hotel in Dallas, Texas. As part of Expanded Cinema at The Dallas Video Fest, the video will be projected onto the building’s facade from 5pm to 8pm.
If you’re nearby, these two showcases are most definitely worth checking out!
See the artist’s website for more:

Thursday, October 2, 2014


Stay tuned for a new feature of the HVCCA blog!

Starting next week, the museum will begin a new feature called "Interview with an Artist" in which a question will be poised to two or three different HVCCA artists. We'll post the results here and see what we get- should be interesting!
Some working questions include:
"Who are your biggest inspirations?"
"What are you trying to say through your work?"
"How important is environment to your artistic process?"

Comment below with any potential questions you'd like asked or any specific artists you'd want to hear from!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

October 12th: Opening of "The Women's Room"

Join us on October 12th from 5 to 7 to celebrate the opening of a new exhibit: The Womens Room: Female Perspectives on Men, Women, Family, and Nation.

Curated by Marcy B. Freedman and Livia Strauss, this video based exhibit feautures the works of revolutionary female artists such as Amy Jenkins, Rona Yefman and Alex McQuilkin. Each work is of personal significance to the artist- yet also explores themes meaningful to any audience.

The Exhibit is open until December 7th and is included in the typical admittance.

See the website for more details.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New: After School Art with HVCCA

Beginning October 2nd, Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art will be the host to a new kind of artist- pre-teens. A new after school program, which meets every Thursday from 3:30 to 5, will combine budding talent, discussion, and a contemporary art collection to create a workshop perfect for young artists. This workshop, taught by new educational director Donna Mikkelson, is open to children ages 8-12, and is a perfect educational yet fun afterschool activity. For more information: see here.
("Egg Decorating" Workshop of Spring 2014)
HVCCA Artist Update 

HVCCA has worked with thousands of artists from all walks of life. Unknown, student, famous...sculptors, painters, actors...They are all a crucial part of the dynamic  that keeps the museum so diverse and changing.  From time to time, artists contact us with (or we find online) news of new shows, gallery openings, and projects they're involved in. Since the patrons and potential patrons of the museum are the ones who most deserve to have updates on the artists they support, heres a quick update on some artists we've worked with in the past.

Brie Raus: Featured in The Peekskill Project of 2012/2013 , Bri Raus  is known for  her extremely physical approach to sculpture. Using her hands, feet and entire being in her pieces she creates large works distinguishable weight exactly matched to her own. Her work is currently being featured in the Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery in New York- viewings available by appointment.

Jordan Rathus: Jordan had a solo video piece here at HVVCA last winter and spring. As of recently, Ms. Rathus has been performing in live action and video combination called "The Crew 2"- in which she performs Lenny Bruce standup routines amidst other artists and performers. This collaboration, which artists from the Matthew Barney studio took place in mid September. 

Jong Oh: Featured in our "First Look III" exhibition in 2011, Jong Oh is known for his use of gravity and spacing to confuse and drawn in the viewer, and to challenge perception of his pieces. Mr.Oh most recently finished an instillation featured in the Marso Gallery in Mexico City. In addition, his work was recently featured in the Galeria Libertidad in Queretero, Mexico in late summer.  Jong Oh was also one of two HVCCA artists recently chosen to be displayed at the Peekskill Waterfront. 

Emil Alzamora: A member of the HVCCA Artist Club, Mr. Alzamora's work was featured in our "Power of Place" exhibition in spring 2013. Known for his exploration of the human form through various sculptural mediums, Emil's work is recently featured throughout the country in various museums and galleries. His pieces were also featured in our most recent auction- including 2011's "Hone". Emil Alzamor's scultpure "Tides" was one of two pieces chosen to be displayed at the Peekskill Waterfront. 

Irvin Morazan: Irvin Morazan was first featured in First Look III here in 2011. He is known for his intricate  masks, headpieces and costumes reminiscent of pre-Columbian america. Creating characters through found object sculpture, he then features his characters as performers in short video, photographic, and live action scenarios in various settings. On September 27th, Morazan will performed at the Metropolitan Museum's Oceanic Galleries- in a piece titled "The Magus" as part of the museums "celebrate Latin America" festivities. 

Thanks for Reading!